About 1 week ago I wrote how it had been a challenging week, but how it had also been very productive in a way that I had not thought about for a few weeks, months even….my “why”.

The reason I wanted to create True North Digital Ltd.

I’m not massively motivated by money, mostly because I have had some, but also lost some and learnt that this isn’t the most important thing in life. So that wasn’t my why.

So I reflected some more, and prompted by some other discussions with the team I finally landed back where I started.

The reason I created Truth North Digital is because I want to offer a value for money, highly experienced alternative to the big consultancies- something I have some experience of.

I am also deeply passionate about the North, especially my home of the last 11yrs, the North East. I want to help businesses overcome their barriers to digital adoption, and to also help them recover and become more sustainable for the future- especially after the absolutely shit year we all had in 2020!

So, in classic “let’s get to the root of it style”, I created True North Digital to be the partner and advisor (not consultancy), I wished existed. From day one, the goal has always been to make True North Digital as simple as possible, taking out the bullshit and corporate jargon and using….well a plain talking, can do Northern attitude to get shit done!

We’re building a unique pricing model, which means you pay for value not resource- e.g. we’re not going to charge silly date rates for producing a slide deck or simple analysis report. We’d love to build long term relationships, but we’re not about to start waving long term contracts under your nose or push incentivised salesmen to your virtual door.

But above all else, I am personally committed to building customer intimacy. We want to ensure you will never feel the pain of the average corporate roundabout again.  This means you will receive support that has a pulse. Ultimately this means that you are my most important customer.

Let us develop a solution for your business together.


Partner Richard Marsden is the driving force behind the True North Digital concept. Passionate about building a future that has a truly credible Digital adoption partner fuelled by the skills and experience of fellow Northerners. With over 20 years’ experience leading complex Business and Digital Transformation programmes, Richard has worked within a diverse group of public and private sector organisations from new start-ups, through to SME and FTSE100 businesses. Richard has built a reputation for strongly influencing a “Digital First/Data Led” culture with his clients.