Strategic Advice

True North Digital will work collaboratively with you to firstly understand your overall business strategy, as fundamentally this will drive your digital strategy, its key aims and objectives.

We approach this in a unambiguous, no nonsense manner, incorporating innovative and highly effective methods of engagement, removing the jargon and instead applying common sense and pragmatism. 

Secondly, we will assess your existing digital capabilities, from which we create a roadmap for digital. This will be designed to achieve the most appropriate and valuable digital solution at optimum cost, to deliver measurable quality and ultimately to enable your business to optimise its digital investment and gain a quantifiable ROI.

As part of our initial feasibility phase, we will look to assess the following:

Does your organisation:

  • Provide a relevant customer experience and maintain market share against the competition?
  • Hold a competitive edge against by digitising your customer’s experience?
  • Reduce business costs by optimising internal processes through the advances in technology?
  • Source new customers by merging into new markets?
  • Adopt a fast iteration to test new ideas quickly through data-driven insights?​

Using these insights and data, we create actionable, measured initiatives through a product-driven methodology, focussing how the digital roadmap will improve aspects such as the vital interactions with your customers- who they are, the products and services they procure and which digital enhancements will improve their customer experience with your organisation.

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