During my interview about ‘Digital Transformation Across The North’ last Thursday with Paul Lancaster– which has 2K+ views (& rising) on YouTube!- I spoke about the importance of “Optimisation” and how this should be the “True North” for any digital transformation programmes your business is looking to undertake.

Find out why this is such an important topic & how True North Digital want to address this by supporting great Northern based businesses with their digital adoption programmes by reading the attached short presentation.

In addition, I would ask the accountable person within your respective business to review the following criteria and be really honest…do any of the following apply to how your digital programmes are in terms of their health?

  • Single Sponsor- no consensus.
  • The Team are selected on their Technical knowledge alone- no insider business knowledge.
  • Only “available” resources are utilised- constraining the programme.
  • Poor distribution of resources- again constraining the programme.
  • Weak reinforcement.
  • Leaders who don’t commit their support.
  • People focussed on maintaining power rather than solving critical issues.
  • No rewards/consequences for people who do/don’t demonstrate personal commitment.

If you are a business leader that wants to challenge the status quo, but need the relevant experience and skills in order to do this, then please get in touch at:

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True North Digital- Installation to Optimisation